D3D RightMark synthetic bencmark tools (DirectX 9)


Introduce you next version of synthetic DirectX (Direct3D 9.0) GPU/VPU benchmarking tools named

D3D RightMark Beta 1 (Download here, 6Mb)

What's new:

  1. Options Dialog in Shell;
  2. You can choice HTML or Excel results exporting;
  3. You can add one batch sequence to another;
  4. Source code of all benchmarks now included;
  5. ToolTips in Shell;
  6. Bugfixes;

This software distributed without any warranty expressed or implied. Authors are not responsible for any damages or losses caused by usage of the above mentioned Software. Current version is provided on free of charge basis, any commercial usage is permitted only by written approval of the Authors of Software.

The D3D RightMark includes the following synthetic tests and source code at this moment:

  1. Pixel Filling Test; 
  2. Geometry Processing Speed Test; 
  3. Hidden Surface Removal Test; 
  4. Pixel Shader Test; 
  5. Point Sprites Test. 

Additionally you can check the prototype of DX8 game test (PS.1.1 support required):

RightMark Video Analyzer v0.4 (Download it here (14.8Mb) )

System Requirements

  1. PC with Intel-compatible 500Mhz processor or above.
  2. 128MB RAM or above.
  3. DirectX 9.0 compatible graphics adapter.
  4. Microsoft Window 98/Me or Microsoft Windows XP or above.
  5. DirectX 9.0 or above. 

Remark 1: To obtain full functionality, you need fully DirectX9-compatible graphics adapter.

Remark 2: For reading XLS reports, generated by tests, you need Microsoft Office XP or above.

Remark 3: You should download Microsoft Installer update from Windows Update site, if you have Windows 98 or Windows 98SE installed.

Contact Information

You can send any comments, suggestions and bug reports to:
Alexander Medvedev mailto:unclesam@ixbt.com
Philipp Gerasimov mailto:philger@mail.wplus.net


D3D RightMark, Copyright (C) 2002-2003 iXBT.com/Digit-Life

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